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Silver Hawk always attaches great importance to research & development of high-quality grades of cotton linter pulp.Now Silver Hawk has more than 20 CLP grades of internationally-accepted quality,such as PCS2400,CPW90,PS711,CP2000,AC1600,PS1800, unbleached grades,NC1000,etc,and all these grades have wide applications in industries of paper-making,war,petroleum,chemical,building materials, pharmaceuticals,food,etc.They,as main raw materials,are widely used for production of cellulose ethers/esters,automotive oil/air filters,nitrocellulose,banknote papers,security papers, pharmaceutical filler,etc.One of Silver Hawk’s specialty pulps, Sisal hemp pulp,was selected for making Beijing Olympics commemorative banknotes. Acetate-grade CLP is well accepted on foreign markets thanks to its excellent purity and consistency,and is considered to be the first choice of purchasing managers of global cellulose acetate giants. The grade intended for battery separator paper provides the technical support for industrialization of cellulose base battery diaphragm. In future, Silver Hawk Company will be committed to development of cellulose derivatives based on cotton linter pulp and wood pulp.

Owning a first-rate cellulose research institute gives Silver Hawk a definite advantage over the other domestic viscose fibre players in R&D of differential rayon fibres.Small-scale processing of alternative cellulose materials is frequently resorted to as a check on suitability of the materials for production of differential viscose fibre grades.In order to conduct extensive research into cellulosic man-made fibres,Silver Hawk continued to considerably invest in an advanced cellulosic manmade fibre pilot plant,which,to a great extent,ensures the smooth progress in R&D work.In recent years,Silver Hawk has consequently succeeded in developing delustering fibre, coloured fibre, bamboo charcoal fibre, flame-retardant fibre, super fine-denier fibre, high-tenacity fibre, high-whiteness fibre, sisal hemp pulp fibre, anti-perspective fibre(more than 20 varieties of differential viscose fibre). Flame-retardant fibre and bamboo pulp fibre are among the “China’s Next Ten Popular Fibres”,and industrial production of these two grades has successfully been realized.Silver Hawk is the sole high-quality silicon-nitrogen flame-retardant fibre producer in the national industry. In future, Silver Hawk will be committed to carrying out in-depth research into high wet modulus viscose fibre(modal), protein fibre, profiled fibre,chitosan fibre,etc.

To take advantage of Silver Hawk’s own product—cotton linter pulp,Silver Hawk built a convertible cellulose ether production line(the sole one in China).Its main process equipment was imported from abroad,complete with DCS control system.The advanced slurry process is adopted to ensure a consistent product quality.

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